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Pretty much my teeth hate me

As the title says: I have come to the conclusion that my teeth hate me, and wish to secede from the union of my body.

On the bright side, the new dentist is very nice, and kept exclaiming over how nice and straight my teeth are. Yup, I have perfect teeth with no need for braces, but in exchange I get ALL THE CAVITIES.

Well, seven, which is close enough to all of them, especially since one tooth is in such horrible shape I may need a crown. The fillings (yup, two. I HATE MY TEETH) that were there cracked and there's decay underneath, plus some more decay on the back edge, just for added fun.

My general misery has been slightly alleviated by puppy therapy in conjunction with photos of my sister's new kitten, which is tiny and fluffy and grey and generally adorable.

Next week I go in for a cleaning (bleah) and the week after that I have my first appointment for fillings (double bleah.) I'm not looking forward to it at all.

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