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10 September 2011 @ 12:28 am
A Distinct Lack of Skittery Things  
You know, until I watched Hawai'i Five-0, I never would have thought I'd be wondering why the cockroaches hadn't eaten the dried blood that had been out on a counter for weeks. Or, you know, the dead body in the closet. You think the ants would want in on the action, too, especially after four months or however much time had elapsed. I don't think awkwardly wrapped plastic sheeting would pose much of a problem to those suckers.

It was while I was pondering these deep(ly disturbing) questions that I realized I haven't seen a single insect in all thirteen episodes. You'd think that the mouthy New Jersey cop who likes to complain about pineapple, sharks, flip flops, pidgin, and everything else Hawai'ian would have something to say about the ants, centipedes and cockroaches. Probably loudly, and at great length. But no. Not a word.

I'm going to blame corporate sponsorship. Hawai'ian Airlines probably wasn't keen on paying money to advertise Hawai'i's glorious insect population. They'll stick with shots of sea turtles, girls in bikinis, and sweeping shots of the Arizona Memorial. It's better for tourism.

Also amusing are the blatant Windows Phone endorsements, and the moments when it stops being a crime show and starts being a Chevy car ad. The "Bing it if you don't believe me" followed by a completely gratuitous shot of the Bing search bar was a nice touch. Couldn't even find a way to tie that one into the plot.

BUT! In the process of mainlining bad TV, I finished binding the Awesome Irish Cousin's quilt, AND got the accent hand quilting done on the remaining two skull appliqués. :D Which means I could be done if I wanted to be, but Jake kind of gave me a cool idea.... and now I might want to machine quilt the borders with a crossed-cutlass-and-grumpy-raven motif. Somebody stop me. o_O

Earlier this evening, the wind picked up - so much so I thought the leaves blowing down the street was heavy rain, for a moment. While I was wandering around the house closing windows, I saw lightning, which was kind of exciting. It didn't look like it hit anything, just crackled around up in the clouds. Like a good country girl, I went and found a flashlight, in case of power outages - and then laughed at myself, because I am in a major metropolitan area now, and power outages are rare beasts indeed. However, hot, dry wind and lightning storms is wildfire weather, though, and we really don't need more fires right now. I would imagine all spare California firefighters are down in Texas, at the moment, and I would quite like them to stay there.

Entry originally posted at annoyedwabbit on Dreamwidth.org
Cuekt_n_dd on September 10th, 2011 09:51 am (UTC)
Bugs are scarier than dead bodies? Didn't you know? The audience couldn't handle cockroach talk. :P And the product placement in Five-O is as bad as in Chuck. Oddly, its blatant presence makes me roll my eyes, promise myself never to buy/use whatever it is, and then forget all about it. I think that's the opposite reaction that they're attempting.

*sigh* I'm envious of the "finished project" feeling. It's so nice, isn't it? :)
annoyedwabbitannoyedwabbit on September 11th, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
But but, BUGS! The writers missed golden opportunity to have Danny rant at great length about centipedes and cockroaches while Steve looks stoic and puts everything in ziplock bags.

The finished project feeling would be so very nice, except that I keep moving the finish line further ahead.